Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rusty Nail Studio Live!, Saturday July 25

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From A Different Perspective

The Detroit Artists Market presents an exciting chance to talk with the artists.
"From a Different Perspective"

Please join us for a

with Topher Crowder-Mike Sivak-Ryan Standfest
and Tom Carey

Saturday, July 25th, from 4-6 pm

About the Show:
The show features six regional artists who work outside of the traditional forms of painting, sculpture, and
drawings. Their subject matter and style derives from comic book illustration, the surreal, alternative culture,
and assemblage. The works are often edgy and have some sense of humor, from droll and understated, to the
more outrageous and obvious.

Topher Crowder (Livonia) delves into storytelling using styles influenced by comics, postcards, TV, and
billboards, which involve memories and emotions. He has a BFA from Wayne State University and is presently
working on his MFA also at Wayne State.

Tom Carey (Ann Arbor) uses techniques from Balinese Shadow Plays and does Technicolor paintings of
monsters and robots from Ultraman. He has his BFA from Wayne State and MFA from the Pennsylvania
Academy of the Fine Arts

Julie Renfro (Ann Arbor) is influenced by her quilter mother and architect father, and uses found objects often
glittery to create pieces of meditative beauty and obsessive detail. She has a BFA from the Art Center College
of Design
in Pasadena, California.

Mike Sivak (Ann Arbor) creates detailed assemblages in varying scales that become their own worlds. He has
a BS in biology and chemistry from Eastern Michigan University and a BFA from the Art Center College of
in Pasadena, California.

Daniel Sperry (Detroit) is the most minimal of the artists in the show, whose work deals with puns, jokes,
nonsense, contradictions, puzzles, and questions. He has a BFA from Wayne State, and tours and records in
the band Child Bite.

Ryan Standfest (St. Clair Shores) creates symbolic and absurd worlds and fantasies that are ordered and
arranged to tell cryptic narrative stories. His work includes printmaking, cinema, and environments. His
degrees include a BFA from Wayne State, and a MFA from the University of Iowa.

Elements Gallery Featured Artist
Susan Aaron-Taylor (Pleasant Ridge) is the featured artist in the Elements Gallery for this summer show. Her
surrealistically sculptured creatures come from dreamscapes and fantasies of the psyche. She has a BS from
Wayne State and a MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art.