Saturday, July 02, 2011

Morning Star

Video from my shadow/light show with sound by Dan Tower at the CAID, part of the Performance Laboratory's June Event (6/17/11) can be seen here:

"A visual and aural collage of Catholic Guilt and Luciferian Light"

Pictures At An Exhibition

Snapshots of my show 'EYE 94' at Motor City Brewing Works Wednesday 6/29/2011

"Slant 6"

"Monster Truck"

"Devil Dog #1"

"Devil Dog #2"

"Full Moon Ride"

"Eye 94"

I still have copies of the zines I made for the show, 'Drunk Driver' and 'Notorious' for $5 each, and 'Watching TV With My Eyes Closed' for $10 each, plus shipping. Contact me at if your are interested.