Monday, July 20, 2015

The Mother-In-Law

Splash page for mini-comic in development, "The Mother-In-Law".  Based on the Balinese folk tale Rangda, drawn in the style of 1950's EC horror comix.

Thoth in the Kaleidoscope UFO

Hand made relief print covers (two color, front and back), with black and white photo-copied interior pages.  Drawn and printed Summer 2015.

front cover

back cover

Based on my shadow puppet play of the same title.  Performed at Dreamland Theater Ypsilanti MI 2010; Detroit Institute of the Arts 2012; and Popp's Packing 2014

Monster Island Funnies #1: Legend of Mothman and Spookhaus Apocalypse

Original art for comic zine based on shadow play, "Legend of Mothman and Spookhaus Apocalypse".  Story by Cary Loren, performed with live music by Monster Island at the Detroit Institute of the Arts October 2013, and again at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY October 2014.  Zine drawn and pro printed with color covers, black and white interior pages in December 2013.

Mama 3 Eyes/A Garland of Severed Heads

"Mama Three Eyes/A Garland of Severed Heads" photo-copied comic zine drawn and copied in spring 2013.  Based on my shadow puppet play "Mama Three Eyes", performed at the Detroit Institute of the Arts, part of Dlectricity 2012, and again at Detroit Brain Frame, October 2013.  Zine included hand printed covers and a dvd with video of the shadow play.  

hand printed cover, silver ink on tar paper

inside title page

two printed pages

 three pages of the original art work, india  ink on paper

Last Girl Drawings

Original art work for Last Girl photo copied comic zine, drawn and printed in 2011 (  Story was turned into a shadow puppet performance with live music by Dan Tower in 2012, and then a video with soundtrack by Cathedral Sounds in 2014.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Outer Limits

Painting for scroll/shadow puppet performance, 'The Outer Limits", performed May 16, 2015 at Carrrie Morris Arts Production House, Detroit MI.  Part of the Porous Borders Festival