Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Artist Publications

Rusty Nail Studio is proud to present the Holy Tooth Quadruple Art Party Pack in an Edition of Twenty Two. You get two Hand-Printed Mini Comix, the Holy Tooth woodcut, and an unique, Hand Made Ceramic Tooth. All packaged together in a mylar bag, $22.00 postage paid.

We also have a number of other publications for sale:
"Giants of Twentieth Century American Music": Rubber Stamp Abstract Portraits of Jazz and Hillbilly Music Greats on paper 45's bound in a paper record sleeve. $10.00 pp.

"Rusty Nail": Robot wood cuts in black ink on orange construction paper in black and silver covers. Coffee Table Book, 12"x18", Edition of 5, $25.00 pp.

"Eye 94": Photocopied art zine of Art Brut Kustom Kar drawings on green paper with black and orange lino-cut print covers. $5.00 pp.

To order please e-mail me at sadrobot2001@yahoo.com

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