Monday, October 28, 2013

Pics from Legend of Mothman and Spookhaus Apokalypse! Live at the Detroit Institute of the Arts

 double Mothman

 ghoul usher

 Thursday night rehearsal

 mask by Jimbo

 Matt meditating before show

 at the foot of the shadow screen

 more cowbell!

 Mothman emoting

 the old godz

 program notes

after the show

 monster mash

 rat finx

 sitar jamming

 stage left

 stage right

 Mike Kelley's corpse

All photos copyright 2013 Cary Loren
Stage sculptures, masks, and program all created by Jimbo Easter.
Skeleton by Destroy All Monsters.
Special thanks to Matt Smith for live musical accompaniment throughout the show.

"Two Halloween shadow plays: The Legend of Mothman, and Spookhaus Apokalypse! will be performed at the Detroit Institute of Arts in the lecture hall/ puppet theater on Friday October 25th at 8:30 pm and on Oct. 27th at 3:30 pm. The play was written by Cary Loren and the puppetry created by Ann Arbor artist Tom Carey. Narration and character voices provided by former WDET reporter/announcer Robert St. Mary with additional altar installations and costumes created by artist/musician Jimbo Easter. Music by Monster Island."

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